How Real Estate Professionals Use Facebook Ads How Real Estate Professionals Use Facebook Ads
In the real estate business, it is the agent’s work to make sure everything they advertise does not exceed their budget. Nonetheless, for you... How Real Estate Professionals Use Facebook Ads

In the real estate business, it is the agent’s work to make sure everything they advertise does not exceed their budget. Nonetheless, for you to be prosperous in the real-estate sector, it is not all about selling of homes but to the capability of generating leads through advertisements.

Back in the days, agents depended on supermarkets or malls for them to post information about their products. In this digital era, this strategy doesn’t quite cut it. So, how do agents in the real estate business capture new leads in today’s society?

In the current world, Facebook ads for real estate business makes a run for their money. The Facebook ad offer a cost-effective way to reach out and get more clients. It’s because an average person will spend close to forty minutes per day on Facebook. With this,, the real estate agents have an excellent opportunity to capture more audience with their flashy ads.

Adversing on Facebook is the right path for you in this business,, but what methods do you have to use to make it useful? Getting excellent results from this, you have to know how to maximize your budget to ensure no funds get to waste.

Let’s now explore proven techniques on how real estate businesses can utilize Facebook Ads to achieve best results.

Target the right audience

The detailed level of advertising on Facebook makes it a top advertisement platform leaving alone its popularity. Once you have your goal, you can use the targeting options available to help you have a direct link to your audience. These targeting options include;

  • Age targeting – The option ensures your ads are targeted to the age ranges potential of purchasing your property.
  • Location targeting – Here, aim for the zip codes within the region where your selling is located.
  • Demographic targeting based on income – The option enables targeting based on the income of your audience.
  • Demographic targeting based on status of home ownership – Here, you’ll have three options: renters, homeowners, and first-time homebuyers
  • Behavioral targeting: The option enables you to target people that are likely to move.

You could be looking to simply build a brand or building a list of buyers for your real estate investment properties, regardless Facebook can be a great tool.

Add videos to bring your properties to life

Advertising through video is one of the underutilized techniques in the real estate business. While some realtors and investors have begun to use this, many still view video marketing as a challenging task. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. The returns from the use of videos as a medium are worth the effort spent as you can get more than 400% inquiries than those without.

The same way pictures are deceiving in online dating; it is also the same case in real estate. Well, watching a video provides the viewer with a realistic or actual look into the property you are selling. Additionally, it provides a friendly face for the client to get the context as well as build trust with you.

Use carousel ads

It is a type of ad format offered by Facebook. It is ideal for the real estate business as it has a visually appealing way to showcase any picture. The ad format essentially enables the realtor to display several images in a catalog format. It allows the viewers to view multiple photos or listings quickly.

Maintain transparency in your ad copy

In any business, the challenging part is building trust with your clients. In the real estate business, this is a must-have. Trust in this business is hard to establish; however, one way to achieve it is by maintaining a high level of transparency. Therefore, when creating your ads on Facebook, be straightforward and use real videos and pictures.

Come up with a clear and precise Call to Action

Your ads should be clear and straightforward. That means a person seeing your ad should know precisely what you want him or her to do. For you to achieve this, you should have a clear and compelling Call to Action. You should only have one Call to Action and don’t make it longer than it has to be. A good example of a clear Call to Action can be, ‘simply enter your address and click.’

Add reviews and testimonials

In addition to gaining trust by maintaining transparency in ad copy, is the use of testimonials. Here, you earn the trust from letting your happy clients do the talking. While it’s easy to brag about your real estate business through the Facebook ads, it’s only earnest when the bragging comes from a non-biased party.


Use of Facebook ads for real estate business should not be a daunting or draining task. Use these tips and watch your marketing campaign fly off.

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