What Makes A Great Video Marketing Campaign? What Makes A Great Video Marketing Campaign?
Let me start this by sharing a quote about video marketing, and how powerful it has become. “Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving... What Makes A Great Video Marketing Campaign?

Let me start this by sharing a quote about video marketing, and how powerful it has become.

“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.” – Dan Patterson, What Makes an Online Video Worth Sharing?

I know you have the passion to create good content. But you may have struggled to put your thoughts into picture. You may have struggled to relay your concepts and ideas. Because at first, this will be really hard to do. This is simply not easy, so don’t you worry, this article will definitely help you.

Videos have become the new trend in digital marketing.

Video has helped communicate to wider audiences. Videos are inclusive.

In one way or another, videos have influenced its viewer, either positively or negatively.

Videos are powerful. The good thing is that anyone can create good content, you don’t have to be a professional to be creative. As long as you know how to start, you’re content will be appreciated and useful to the online community.

So, let’s talk about what you really came for, what’s good in a video?

1. The ability to move you.

Have you ever watched something that has made you cry, laugh, get angry or fall in love?

Well, if you have then you’ve watched a good video. A good video aims to give out an emotional catharsis which once released will move you act.

2. The call to action

A call to action in video marketing and advertising will direct you to act upon what you saw. Have you ever watched ads that made you say “I want to buy that (product)?”

That’s the call to action. When you have a call to action you answer every viewer’s question of “what’s in it for me?”

If they want to buy what you’re selling, or they want to know more about your product, it means you’re successful in your call to action. But be careful in your content creation, you don’t want to come out too aggressive like some of the ads we’ve seen for the popular 4 gauge pre workout formula that are being promoted on Youtube.

These types of ads may server their core audience but be careful in adopting such a strategy to your own business.

3. The equipment

You don’t have to own the latest camera for shooting, but at least invest in one that yields more effective outcome.

Anyone can shoot with their smartphones, but you’re sacrificing the quality with this – no matter how good your vlog is supposed to be.

As I have said earlier, invest, this doesn’t mean you’ll immediately have this. Try using a gimbal, a gimbal stabilizes and makes the shots in a video wider. This has been a staple for vloggers. For more steady shots, use a tripod instead of just your hand.

4. The content

No, no matter how good your camera is and how skilled you are in editing, if you have awful content, you’re still not going to make the cut. Often times, people just vlog or create content without thinking of a story. You can only post real time vlogs once you’ve reached a good following.

Here’s tips to help you create good content

Think of a good storyline.

A great piece of content has a good storyline. You may have an idea, that’s good. Combine all of your great ideas to create good content outcome. A good story will inform, entertain or infotain which is both informing and entertaining.

Don’t stay too long on one shot/scene. Especially in marketing, no one wants to watch something where all they see is you talking.

Since your goal is to tell a story that will make people move, include more shots in your frame. For example you could add jump cuts.

Jump cuts are an abrupt transition from one scene to another. Use jump cuts to make you video more fun. You could also add B-rolls, now B-rolls are shots of different scenes that will support your story. Also remember the 3-30 rule, where a scene can only last for three whole minutes, and in that scene, a shot can only stay for 30 seconds.

Be relate-able.

Who would watch a video they can’t relate to? Right?

4. The technicalities

It is important to think of the technicalities and apply these technicalities in video too. One is good light. Having good lighting will greatly affect the beauty of your video.

Think about the replay value. Make videos that people will consider as a reference, a video people will look back to in case they need help in a certain topic.

Get an editing software which is easy to use and will render great effects that’ll highlight scenes in your vlog.

Take note of the video time. Make sure that the time in each of your videos will be sufficient to relay your message and communicate your purpose. If a video is dynamic and engaging, viewers will watch it no matter how long. But if a video is dull and boring, it will only take a few seconds until they switch to the next video.

Every video will be different from the next, but what will make viewers stay and subscribe to your channel?

Your passion.

If you let your passion shine, mix it with all the above stated tips, you will have loyal viewers.

After all over 500 million are watching video on Facebook alone according to this Forbes article.

Get a camera and get to it 🙂

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