How to Build a High Converting Landing Page How to Build a High Converting Landing Page
A landing page is the first thing visitors notice when they visit your website after clicking on your Google Adwords Ad, email, social media... How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

A landing page is the first thing visitors notice when they visit your website after clicking on your Google Adwords Ad, email, social media promotion or banner. Landing page creates engagement between you and your customers. Furthermore, the landing page is designed to increase the conversion rate so as to reach your business growth or marketing goal.

A landing page is different from other page and usually designed for a particular product, campaign or sale. It can be your homepage or another page of your website, or an independent page which is designed especially for a particular campaign.

Benefits of Landing Pages

1. Generate lead and increase the conversion rate– A well-designed landing page increases the conversion rate. A landing page contains clear information which persuades a visitor’s action to take a decision.

2. Boost SEO– Landing pages are designed to target a specific set of keywords. Adding a well-crafted landing page will boost your search engine ranking.

3. Track your campaign– You can track the positive result of a particular product, set of keywords, or a goal. There are tools through which you can measure the capability of a campaign such as Google Analytics, Adsense, and built-in WordPress plugins.

Here are 7 ways on How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

1. Create an eye-catching headline

The headline is the first and the most important part in your landing page. A headline is something which grabs the attention of the visitors. Therefore, make sure it is creative, bold, clear, consistent, and solve the purpose. It should be written in such a way that it covers everything which a landing page offers. Basically, it should convey what your product or services are all about. While creating a killer headline, focus on a few things such as:

  • Identify the problem of your target audience.
  • Once you identified their problem, focus on what you will offer whether it is a product or service which will solve their problem. This will be the central part of your headline.
  • Use some emotion words in your headline such as easy, last minute, urgent, lowest, etc.
  • You may also include the number in your headline as according to research it enhances the engagement rate.

The top landing page builders make this a breeze with the customization of the size of the headline with tools.  See tools like the Thrive Themes and Architect and now with web based software tools like Kartra, there’s never been a better time to be a digital marketer.

2. Convincing subheadline

Subheadline is the next important element while creating a landing page. Headline and subheadline should complement each other and together they will make a strong landing page. Make sure it is arranged just beneath the headline and go a little more in depth as compared to headline.

3. Headshot

A brain processes visual information more as compared to text information which means if you add the images on your landing page, it will attract more visitors. While selecting images, keep in mind that it is large & high-quality, and relevant to your product or services.

4. Mention Benefit

If you want to grab the attention of the visitors and encourage them to take action, emphasize at the primary benefits of your product or services. People only click on your ad when you offer something them in return for their money or contact information. If you do not offer them what they want, it will not only create a bad impression but will also lower down your conversion rate. However, you can avoid that by simply offering them the benefits or solution of their problems like they are doing with the Unlimited Leads Challenge promotion with the proven templates (You can read more about it at the Unlimited Leads Challenge Review that tells you all about it).

Remember to mention it in bullet points to make it clearly visible and moreover you can also add the reasons why visitors should go for your offer. 

5. Show social proof

Adding social proof will add credibility to your content. In this era of the digital world, people tend to get confused on to whom to trust. If you add social proof, you can add value to your content and gain trust from the visitors. Social proofs are the number of likes, shares, subscribers, reviews, testimonials, pins, tweets, etc. which your company has. It can influence your target customer to take actions and make decisions. Some of the ways through which you can build your credibility are:

  • Use customer reviews and testimonials. These are the reviews which are given by the customer who has already used your product or services. By adding reviews, you can build trust easily for your new target audience.
  • Mention the brand you have worked for. If you mentioned the big brand name, you will be trustworthy for your visitors.

6. Use Call to Action button

The most noteworthy element of creating the powerful landing page is a “call to action” button. A call to action button is what you want your visitors to do. It can convert your visitors into your customers or email subscribers. Creating an appealing CTA button is not rocket science. However, you need to keep few things in mind before coming up with a CTA button.

  • Use a single call to action button. If your landing page has more than one CTA button, it can mislead your visitors. Be explicit on what you want your visitors to do when they open your landing page. You want them to subscribe, sign up, contact, watch your videos, etc. Make sure it is relevant to your headline.
  • Highlight it with a contrasting color. A colorful CTA button as a higher chance of grabbing the attention of the visitors. A contrast color from the other colors on the landing page has a higher chance to magnetize the eye and push the click.

7. Conduct A/B testing for your landing page

A/B testing is an experiment which is conduct between two or more pages in order to check which one is performing better and converting more. After you designed your landing page, don’t just sit and relax. Conduct an experiment to see how the metrics are performing. A/B testing helps you in improving content engagement, increased conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, reduce risks, increase sales, and so on. It helps in measuring the actual behavior of your customers.

It is very important to have a landing page in every business. Nowadays with so many software available online, building landing page has become faster and easier even if you lack any of the skills like copywriting, coding, graphic designing, etc. Therefore, make use of that and create a compelling landing page which makes your business rock.

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